google is a buzzword! Ah!  Seriously was unaware of this. It is a kind of something that is constantly running behind the scenes. Normally, I can say pretty surely most of the people are not knowing about this. Let’s begin!

What is Google

I am a unity developer and from last 3 months, I was working on core programming language i.e Python for deeply searching on Augmented reality concepts. Other core languages are c,c++. And I use to google more and more while working on it. After around 2 months something fishy that flashed on my laptop screen while I was working. I thought it must a link that will redirect to some game or something that is pointless, not to the purpose of my work. I thought to just ignore it but later I felt let it be let’s see what it is! 🙂 here

One day when I was searching image detection algorithm and machine learning concept in openCV after that I was searching google page speed and suddenly found one unique logo that surprised me.

foo bar screen

when I clicked on that button, displayed one popup. it’s actually pretty cool.See below

I followed the link, it redirected me to where my login credentials were provided. I proceeded with it. And then it was amazing!

After login with Google

It was a secret hidden recruitment process by GOOGLE. I was surprised seeing that. Yes, GOOGLE conducts this secret recruitment process. Those who all are working on core programming languages from 2-3 months according to their algorithm the will identify such programmers and provide them a link of Many of us are unaware of this and we simply ignore it thinking it might be some fishy content.

But it is recruitment process that is going behind. It consists of 5 levels. At each level, tasks become more and more complex and some deadline is allotted to complete that task. You can prefer either python or java for providing an answer for your level question. Below I share a screen shot of, Let’s see. level clear
Screen after completed 1st round

We have to complete that task within the given deadline. On completion of 5 levels, GOOGLE offers us call letter to join a company.

Happy coding.! 🙂



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