What is Jacquard Technology?

Google, which at its I/O keynote revealed a new vision for wearable technology that won’t make you feel lame to wear. The effort consists of two separate-but-related ventures: Project Jacquard, with an assist from Project Soli.

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group shows off the latest updates to Project Jacquard, its experiment with embedded technology in the clothes we wear.

project jacquard Revolution

The first Jacquard-enabled jacket expects to hit shelves in Levi’s stores in 2017. Levi’s Jacquard-enabled jacket:

This jacket contains a swatch of this fabric on the edge of one sleeve. That touchpad itself is powered by a small dongle, or “tag,” that connects to the sleeve’s cuff. The tag, which charges via USB, is designed to look like the snaps and buttons on the rest of the jacket, though the current iteration is noticeably bulkier than the snaps you would typically find on a sleeve. The tag is also equipped with a LED light that changes colors based on what you’re doing. The smart tag is rechargeable and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Once it is removed, the jacket is entirely washable and the fabric acts like traditional denim, according to Levi’s.

The final piece of Jacquard is a smartphone app, which allows you to configure how gestures map to the apps you use — whether you use a tap or a swipe to answer the phone, instance. Right now there are about eight different gestures that use jacquard supports.

Cyclists, Bikers can use the Jacquard technology to access navigation prompts and information on nearby places, change their music, and answer calls just by touching the jacket’s sleeve.

What Jacquard can do?

These apps can be Google services, like maps and search, or third-party apps like Strava and Spotify. (both of whom are already working with Google on Jacquard integrations.)

Project Jacquard Official Video launched by Google:

Why people use it?

The easy and comfort way to touch your arm than it is to use the apps on your phone. Imagine being able to pick up a phone call, get directions. Imagine queue up your next playlist without touching your phone at all. Levi’s and Google have highlighted cycling as one big use case — there’s a reason why Levi’s is bringing the garment to its “commuter” line first.

How does it work?

App wirelessly transmits Captured touch and gesture data to mobile phones or other devices to control a wide range of functions. It can connect the user to online services, apps, or phone features.

About availability

The first batch of the Jacquard jackets will officially ship in spring 2017. But a beta test will arrive this fall. Still, They have not disclosed Prices and availability.


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