Story Of Motivation.

“Let’s start gym buddy.!” We all heard that sounds by our surrounding people who inspired just because of seeing others. But the truth is nobody can perfect without dedication. We all started gym once in our life and complete our membership in just 2-3 weeks max. Dude, gyming is not a joke. It’s all about dedication. So let’s start with a story of an unknown person.😎

Discipline ! As it means ‘some set of rules that one would not like to follow but when it is done it will do good to self and the environment (the people around us)’. The reason why professional athletes convey bodybuilding as a discipline is the definition of the word ‘discipline’ itself , it motivates people ,makes you stronger and motivates people to live a fit life and pursue all its advantages like better immune , strength , physical persistence , mental health and the most important of all a better first impression . Dedication and motivation Some people say that bodybuilding is 50% diet 50% workouts while the others have a different ratio, I personally believe that you don’t leave out anything at all while you ‘re working hard for something!That’s why to transform into any goal in this sport it’s 100% iron,100% diet, and no excuses.

My personal motivation: “Fit life is happy life”.

I  have seen people who are wealthy in their retired lives but all in vain
just because of their health issues, just because they grew old before time. ” The idea is to live young as late as possible “, the quote itself says it all. My future plans are just to be able to enjoy what I could not in my early age hustles and not spend all my wealth on medical issues, apart from this thought of old age there are other things that motivated me for fitness like the addiction! Out of all addictions in the world drugs, alcohol, smoking and much more, the best one to choose is bodybuilding.â˜ș

IT WILL JUST DO GOOD TO YOU and contradict to my own thought of bodybuilding is not actually an addiction it’s a “way of life”, your body is the only place where you have to live forever so nourishing it well will serve you well. It’s a crazy science!

For conclusion, I’d like to put you in a thought with a sentence ” building muscles is a continuous process of rupturing muscle tissues and later providing it with enough nutrition to grow, to evolve into something better and just think it might add up to evolution of mankind to a whole
a new level of alpha’s.!👏


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